Chicopee Tube Park

During the winter visitors can pay to tube ride down the hill. In order to participate in snow tubing, visitors must be at least 42 inches tall and at least 4 years old. If want another go down the hill, you can walk up the hill if you like, they do also have a magic carpet that pulls you up to the top of the hill. During the summer there is summer tubing, a dry waterless tube slide which uses a Neveplast product known as Tubby. One straight chute and one curved chute have been installed. This plastic material with the same slippery properties as snow allows us to use the winter tubes and enjoy the activity of tubing all year round. As well they do have a zip line if you do not want to do the tubing.

There is a pine lodge and public hall there as well, with wi-fi, big screens, and full air conditioning, our 9,200 square foot chalet (and 2,500 square foot balcony overlooking the picturesque chicopee hills) for possible events. Depending on the time of year, packages are available to combine your event with on-site attractions such as zip-lining and winter tubing.

Meetings in a stunning log chalet

• Seminars

• Team building

• Debates

• Press Conferences

Address: 1600 River Rd E, Kitchener, ON N2A 4K8

Phone: (519) 895-2322


Sunday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Monday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Tuesday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Wednesday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Thursday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Friday 10a.m.–3p.m.

Saturday 10a.m.–3p.m.


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