Fall Bucket list – Decorating

This is a start to what you could do throughout the Autumn season. Here in this post is items you can do to get your place in the season. Either make yourself or find it in a store.

  1. Create a centerpiece with colourful leaves and branches
  2. Make your own fall wreath
  3. Create a fall centerpiece or fireplace decor
  4. Light up fall candles around the house
  5. Make a countdown chain until Halloween
  6. Make a trick or treat bag
  7. Carve or paint a pumpkin
  8. Create an art piece using leaves
  9. Decorate the front porch
  10. Visit a local candle shop
  11. Go antiquing for cozy decorating finds
  12. Scented candles
  13. Some autumn DIY
  14. Build a scarecrow
  15. Paint pinecones
  16. Make a fall mantle
  17. Decorate for fall

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