Fall Bucket List – Food/Cooking/Eating

Love food or to entertain? Try some of these pumpkins, apple, and other Autumn ideas. Enjoy alone or with family or friends. At night, in the morning, during the week or weekend – anytime. Almost 75 items to go through, pick and choose with what you want to do.

  1. Make butternut squash soup
  2. Pack a picnic
  3. Make/eat caramel apples
  4. Bob for apples
  5. Bake leaf-shaped sugar cookies
  6. Host a potluck dinner
  7. Roast marshmallows
  8. Try Halloween Oreos
  9. Make apple crisp
  10. Make a hot pot of chili
  11. Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte
  12. Create the ultimate Halloween punch
  13. Roast s’mores in the fire pit (or anyplace available)
  14. Try a new soup recipe
  15. Bake pumpkin cookies/bread
  16. Eat all the candy corn [if you like it]
  17. Homemade soup/chili cookoff
  18. Host a fall brunch, potluck style
  19. Drink/make hot (apple) cider
  20. Make caramel popcorn balls
  21. Make homemade doughnuts
  22. Make homemade applesauce
  23. Make hot chocolate
  24. Bake a pie
  25. Plan Thanksgiving menu
  26. Heartwarming soups
  27. Toast pumpkin seeds
  28. Eat roasted chestnuts
  29. Drink mulled wine
  30. Ginger and cinnamon everywhere
  31. Master your apple pie recipe
  32. Make a pumpkin dip
  33. Make a breakfast casserole
  34. Eat corn on the cob
  35. Bake rice krispies treats
  36. Cook with squash
  37. Bring a fresh pie to a neighbour
  38. Cook pumpkin in 100 ways
  39. Buy candy
  40. Can pie filling
  41. Donate to the food bank
  42. Make popcorn from a cob
  43. Make apple cupcakes
  44. Try a new flavour of coffee or tea
  45. drink pumpkin pie coffee
  46. Make a caramel smoothie
  47. Make leaf sugar cookies
  48. Make pumpkin pancakes
  49. Make chicken pot pies
  50. Use your crockpot like crazy
  51. Bake a pumpkin treat
  52. Bake an apple pie (maybe one or two for neighbours
  53. Roast hot dogs
  54. Bake chocolate chip cookies
  55. Make trail mix or granola
  56. Make caramel bites
  57. Pass out free hot cider on a cold day
  58. Cook dinner over the campfire
  59. Try a new pumpkin recipe
  60. Make apple butter
  61. Pass out Halloween candy
  62. Make an apple recipe
  63. Hold an apple taste test
  64. Go apple picking
  65. Go pumpkin picking
  66. Paint pumpkins
  67. Bake a pumpkin pie
  68. Make a pumpkin dessert with fresh pumpkin
  69. Host your family for thanksgiving
  70. Make beef stew
  71. Enjoy everything pumpkin spice
  72. Make a homemade pizza
  73. Grill a pizza
  74. Make your favourite soup

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