Fall Bucket List – To Do Alone Or With Others/Family

This is a long list where you can do activities outdoors or indoors. Some may take a few minutes or be a morning or full-day activity.

  1. Throw a football party to watch the game. To save money, have a potluck and have everyone bring something. Play it in the backyard/park.
  2. Watch Halloween/Fall/Horror movies
  3. Watch a new show
  4. Check the kids’ school calenders for events
  5. Tell ghost stories (around the campfire)
  6. Trick or treating & Halloween party
  7. Visit Oktoberfest (Munich or Kitchener, Ontario – have different dates)
  8. Start a journal
  9. Change your sheets to a soft and warm flannel
  10. Curl up with a good book (read by the fireplace if have one or read it outside)
  11. Check out fall books from the library
  12. Do a random act of kindness
  13. Send thank you cards
  14. Have a pumpkin carving contest
  15. Go to a thrift store and find vintage Halloween costumes
  16. Make your own Halloween costumes
  17. Take your own fall pictures
  18. Visit your local library [good any time of the year]
  19. Attend a library program
  20. Learn how to knit
  21. Create your own/go to a haunted house
  22. Write some little happy fall notes to your friends
  23. Stay in a B&B with views of foliage
  24. Visit a local candle shop
  25. Invite friends for dinner
  26. A hot bath with candles and a glass of red
  27. A weekend trip before it gets too cold
  28. Open the windows to let the crisp air in
  29. Stuff/make a scarecrow
  30. Go scarecrow spotting
  31. Collect acorns, leaves or pinecones
  32. Go on a spooky graveyard tour
  33. Go for a (foggy morning) walk
  34. Relax by the fireplace
  35. Watch a movie under the blanket on a rainy day
  36. Take pictures at the leaves colours
  37. Jump in puddles
  38. Fly kites
  39. Put together a large puzzle
  40. Go hiking
  41. Burn candles
  42. Paint gourds
  43. Plant a fall garden
  44. Go on a scavenger hunt
  45. Go for a bike ride
  46. Snuggle under a blanket and stargaze
  47. Go to a (petting) zoo
  48. Do some learning outside
  49. Have a carnival at home
  50. Visit a fair
  51. Visit a carnival
  52. Fall photoshoot
  53. Go on a photo walk
  54. Take family photos
  55. Take photos of fall foliage
  56. Visit an apple farm
  57. Go apple bobbing
  58. Visit a maze
  59. Visit a hayride
  60. Build a fort with sticks and leaves
  61. Play outside at night with glow sticks
  62. Watch the sunset
  63. Play hopscotch
  64. Play a game of soccer
  65. Have a campfire
  66. Go camping
  67. Go to a fall festival
  68. Visit a sunflower farm
  69. Go horseback riding
  70. Go bowling
  71. Have a picnic
  72. Make a hot chocolate and popcorn stand
  73. Run in a race
  74. Have a candlelight dinner
  75. Go to a play
  76. Go to a museum
  77. Start an insect collection
  78. Start a fall journal
  79. Write and illustrate a story
  80. Get cozy
  81. Start writing letters to a pen pal
  82. Have a pillow fight
  83. Rake leaves for a neighbour
  84. Go to a drive-in movie
  85. Have a family game night
  86. Make a list of things you are thankful for
  87. Put together a puzzle
  88. Host a fall party
  89. Go to a corn maze
  90. Plan ahead for Yule/Christmas and go shopping
  91. Plan your next vacation
  92. Buy your advents calendar for this year
  93. Create a music video
  94. Listen to an audiobook
  95. Make a nature collage
  96. Join a book club
  97. Random act of kindness
  98. Go thrift shopping
  99. Make a ‘thankful for’ list
  100. Learn the history of Thanksgiving
  101. Update fire alarms

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