Free or Low-Cost Witchcraft

There are some things that you could bring into your practice that are free or do not cost much to you. Many think that you need to buy everything at once and fork over a lot of money. This is not true. You do not need everything and if you do want everything you do not need it at the beginning. I got this idea from a video Thorn Mooney did (I think I got the spelling of her last name wrong). I decided to go from there and make a list for people to have on their own as a quick reference.

Some of the free or low cost items include:

Items from nature

Paint chips

Free printable art from online or Etsy (some are under ten dollars)

Doing any hobby you already like doing (colouring, crochet, knitting, gardening, etc)


Growing your own plants/food/herbs

Using your time in the shower or bath

Mugs, glasses, jars, cutlery, etc that you already have or get from Dollar store or thrift store

Your morning or evening routine

Notebooks you already have

Binders and paper you already have

Any other stationary you already have

Any type of stationary you can get from the dollar store if need be

Craft items around your home or dollar store.


Going to the library for books, music, computer, wifi, etc

Using online resources – like databases or subscription services from your library or using apps like Amino or Instagram

Listening to podcasts

Listening to music

Watching Youtube videos

Watching documentaries or series that is of interest


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