Goddess Brigid Names

There are a number of variations to her name. It may depend on preference or your location to what you call her. I have found a number of ways people have said her name and even definitions.

Scotland: Bhrìghde, Brighid, Bride
Ireland: Brigid, Brigit, Brighid, Brìd, Brígh, Brighde
Manx: Breeshey
Wales: Ffraid
England: Brigantia, Brittania
France: Brigandu

Brigit has three possible meanings in the ancient Celtic that refer to her solar aspect. The meanings are: “Fiery Arrow,” “Bright One,’ or “High One.”

In the old Celtic language, she was Briganti, which is connected to the old Indo European word, Bhrghnti.

In Sanskrit, bhrati, or brihati means “exalted one.”

Other interpretations of her name are: “Power,” “Renown,” “Fiery Arrow of Power,” “Bright Arrow,” and “The Powerful One.”

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