Halloween Bucket List/Countdown

Here's a list of ideas that you can do one thing a day in October or many things over the course of a few days. Make your own Halloween countdown or bucket list. I have a list of things to create or DIY (craft or food) so you can add those to your list. Like with that list, if you have anything to add, please comment your idea and I will update the list when I can.

  1. visit a haunted house
  2. go trick-or-treating
  3. attend a trunk or treat
  4. participate in a costume parade
  5. "boo" your neighbours
  6. have a scavenger hunt
  7. pick apples
  8. bob for apples
  9. Halloween light drive bys
  10. go to a corn maze
  11. go on a nature walk
  12. visit a pumpkin patch
  13. take a hay ride
  14. jump in leaf piles
  15. collect autumn leaves
  16. take an evening walk to admire neighbourhood jack o'lanterns
  17. roast marshmallows
  18. have a bonfire
  19. fly a kite
  20. play flashlight tag
  21. go to a fall festival
  22. get lost in a corn maze
  23. play Halloween bingo
  24. visit a haunted house
  25. visit a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin
  26. buy candy – eat it and buy some more
  27. see if there is trick or treating in a local mall or downtown
  28. have a halloween party
  29. go to a party
  30. go trick or treating
  31. go on a spooky savenger hunt
  32. hang out at a bonfire
  33. go on a hay ride
  34. join a costume parade
  35. hand out candy
  36. light a fall scented candle
  37. watch a Halloween movie
  38. watch Halloween episodes
  39. read some scary stories/read a classic monster book
  40. read a Halloween book
  41. pet a black cat
  42. have a scavenger hunt
  43. eat candy corn
  44. eat all the candy
  45. bob for apples
  46. temporary colour your hair
  47. wear orange
  48. dance to Thriller
  49. Halloween baking night
  50. host a masquerade party
  51. tell ghost stories
  52. look up the history of Halloween
  53. play Halloween games
  54. remember your ancestors (part of its history and tradition to many still today)
  55. play dress up
  56. dance to the Monster Mash
  57. pet a black cat
  58. hang a Halloween wreath
  59. play with slime
  60. glow in the dark ghost toss game
  61. pumpkin bowling
  62. colour halloween pictures
  63. halloween pajamas
  64. decorate your porch
  65. mad scientist experiment
  66. pumpkin play dough
  67. watch a halloween special
  68. masked treat bags
  69. play halloween games

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