Halloween Create/DIY (food or crafts)

This is just the beginning I feel of this list. But this can be a start for many to jump off if wanting to create a DIY project or make some food for Halloween or days leading up to it. If you have any other ideas that I could add, comment and I will update when I can.

create a spooky mantle

make spooky silouettes

print out/make a bucket list or countdown

make a Halloween craft

send Halloween cards

carve/paint/decorate pumpkins

make a Halloween craft

put up fake cobwebs

make/buy a costume

have a Halloween photo shoot

make hand print bats

make leaf rubbings

make tin can Frankenstein

make footprint ghosts

make toilet paper tube bats

make paper plate vampires

paint mini pumpkins

make a q-tip skeleton

make milk jug ghosts

make teacher gift

decorate your house (inside and/or outside)

make a scarecrow

make own Halloween wreath

make a Halloween shirt

take Halloween photos

Halloween dolls or make your own monster

turn your house into a haunted house

make tombstone pudding cups

roast pumpkin seeds

make pumpkin bread

make caramel apples

bake an apple pie

make pumpkin pie

make pumpkin pancakes

bake a pumpkin cheesecake

make/ pick up apple cider

have a tailgate picnic

roast marshmallows (if you can)

make and decorate sugar treats

make healthy snack

have a Halloween inspired lunch or dinner

bake Halloween cookies

make pumpkin cookies

bonfire s’mores

make a gingerbread haunted house

make Halloween treats

make halloween drinks

make and eat banana ghosts

eat mummy hot dogs

make Frankenstein rice krispy treats

drink pumpkin spice latte

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