Hotel Hacks Items from the Hotel

Here are some things you could get for free (some may charge) from the hotel or things to consider bringing so you may not have to use theirs.

Shampoo & Conditioner

This is pretty standard in hotel rooms – some maybe not the best quality but there are some hotels that have trail sizes of better brands.

Soap or Shower Gel

Another standard product in many hotels.


Not always provided in your room, some do have travel-size bottles available at the front desk or in the hotel lobby bathrooms.

Disposable razor

If you forgot to bring a razor, just ask the front desk if they have any complimentary razors for guests.

Body lotion

Some hotels have it (in with bathroom items) provided for free in the hotel room, which is great to have for future use.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Instead of heading to the drugstore to purchase a new one, check to see if the hotel front desk has any complimentary kits available.

Phone charger

Ask the hotel front desk to see if they have any available. A number of people forget their phone chargers after they have checked out, so you might get lucky and find a spare one to use.

Travel adapters

This could save you some time and money – check with the hotel front desk to see if they have any available.


If you forgot to bring an umbrella, check with the hotel front desk.

Beach towel & Chairs

Some popular beaches charge a fee if you want to rent towels or chairs. However, if you’re staying at a hotel nearby, you might be able to rent these items for free from your accommodations.

Local map of the city

Many hotels and other stays have a few different maps and magazines of places to go.


There are push lights at the dollar store but if you forgot to get one or another nightlight, ask the hotel front desk if they have any available.

Sewing kit

Good for small repairs – in your room, front desk or cleaning stations – a good hotel knows that wardrobe emergencies can (and do) happen.

Laundry bag

If you forgot to bring an extra bag for your clothes (wet or dirty) a lot of hotels provide a free laundry bag.


Many luxury and boutique hotels provide (free to use during stay) cozy bathrobes in each room.


If you like wearing something on your feet and forgot yours from home, check to see if your hotel provides complimentary slippers.

Pens & Notepad

Pretty much every hotel room today has a pen and notepad near the phone or on a table. This is great for jotting down addresses or just general notes.

Extra pillows & blankets

If picky about the type of pillow or how many, check to see if the hotel offers a pillow menu, which is a list of different pillows you can use during your stay.

Extra blankets are also available if you get chilly or if you’re unable to adjust the thermostat.

Straightening iron or Curling iron

Check the hotel front desk to see if they have any available for guests. Some luxury and boutique hotels carry a variety of hair tools for guests to use during their stay.

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