Imbolc Reading Days

For Imbolc Reading Days 2021:

This is something I thought of and plan on continuing to do for some years to come. There are many reading challenges out there. I am putting my hat in the ring. Since I want to connect more with Brigid, work on my spirituality, and tick of the books that are on my To Be Read list – I came up with this challenge.

Each year over four days, five book prompts will be given. You can choose five separate books or get two or three that fit under a few of the prompts. If you find one book that covers all five prompts – high five to you. At some point, I am going to be doing that, and I may have to combine prompts. If you do not complete all five or are part way through books, that is fine. You started some at least. And you can always finish later.

This for me is to read my unread books on my physical shelf and those in my Kobo reader. Some may be ones I have not read in a few years. For many, it can be a time to focus on an area you want to research more. Or it may be to familiarize yourself with a topic again. Or just indulge yourself with a new or old book.

I plan on this being a thing for at least the next decade, if not longer. This is something for me to know I have a certain amount of days each year to get five books I really want to read. Even though I read books all year long, some books have gone to the back burner or I may want to reread. This is a time where I can do that.

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