No or Low Spend Frugal Weekend – Get Creative

These can be done indoors or outdoors, can end up with a new hobby or side hustle. This list is a start to what you can do.

DIY project

Take surveys

Start a vegetable garden

Create a blog

Cupboard dinner party

Practice photography

Write poetry

Write a book


Practice an instrument


Sell Used Stuff


YouTube – try a DIY from one of the videos or create content if you have or want to start a channel

Blog – try something you found on one or create content if you have or want to start one

Learn Something

Paint – an image to decorate your house or if paint a room that you have been meaning to

Podcast – listen or create your own


Host a Free Webinar

Learn Origami

Make a homemade pizza

Play Pen and Pencil Games example: tic-tac-toe, Hang Man

Make a kite


Make bubbles

Learn a language

Walk Through the Craft Store and Start an Art Project

Write a blog post

Detail Your Car

Start a quilting bee

Have a DIY beauty day

Create your own podcast

Look through different arts and crafts books

Make your own holiday decor (Halloween, Yule/Christmas, etc)

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