No or Low Spend Weekend – Going Out

Here are some free or low-cost ideas to spend your time on the weekend. From not a lot of energy to a packed day – try some that you may like to do.

  1. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood
  2. Hiking
  3. Open houses
  4. Visit the library (for books, computer time, or event)
  5. Visit a park
  6. Have a park picnic
  7. Volunteer (at a Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter, Babysit for Someone Who “Needs a Break,” There Are Opportunities All Around You)
  8. Visit museums
  9. Go to the beach
  10. Go fishing
  11. Take yourself on a bike-ride
  12. Have a sightseeing adventure
  13. Explore your city
  14. Sunbathe
  15. Outdoors swimming
  16. Find a free music concert
  17. Visit your local woods
  18. Go star-gazing
  19. Camping – either in your backyard or a campground/ somewhere you can camp
  20. Exercise – use the outdoors/playgrounds as your equipment
  21. Visit your grandparents
  22. Go Geocaching
  23. Visit the church
  24. Donate blood
  25. Go to a festival or country fair
  26. Visit a (free) zoo
  27. Visit Farmer’s Market
  28. Become a tourist (in your community/city) – find free or close to it places to visit
  29. Visit a city hall – can have information of things/events coming up
  30. Watch sunrise or sunset
  31. Play some sports
  32. Kayaking
  33. Visit a free (or cheap) national park or historical site
  34. Have a Bonfire or Campfire in Your Backyard
  35. Make s’mores and play campfire games.
  36. Get Ice Cream
  37. Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup
  38. Pick Strawberries or Other Fruit
  39. Watch for Shooting Stars
  40. Find a Community Play to Attend
  41. Help Someone in Need
  42. Buy Food for the Homeless and Listen to Their Stories
  43. Go bowling
  44. Visit Garage Sales and Look for Deals
  45. Tour the Local Fire or Police Station and Thank Them for Their Service
  46. Visit a Local Nursing Home and Engage With the Residents
  47. Go Dancing
  48. Get Out in Nature and Just Take it in
  49. Participate in a Physical Activity You’ve Never Tried
  50. Call or Visit a Friend or Family Member You Haven’t Seen in a Long Time
  51. Spend Time Helping a Neighbor in Need
  52. Start an Exercise Regimen
  53. Have a Picnic at the Park
  54. Attend a Public Meeting
  55. Hike in a Public Park or Reserve
  56. Build a Snow Fort
  57. Investigate the History of Your Community at the Library
  58. Start running
  59. Walk your dog
  60. Do a good deed for someone else (that doesn’t cost money)
  61. Get involved in community sports.
  62. Meet your neighbors.
  63. Help out an elderly or disabled friend or neighbor.
  64. Start a book club – or find one to join.
  65. Take a child to a playground – and actually play with the child.
  66. Work for a political campaign.
  67. Play Frisbee at the park.
  68. Attend a dress rehearsal.
  69. Attend a free community class.
  70. Donate some unwanted things to charity.
  71. Do some amateur stargazing.

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