Vancouver Island Military Museum

A great place for those who have an interest in military history. Displays uniforms and other items along with information in more of chronological order from the entrance to exit. There is Canadian information placed in the museum, so you get what Canada played in wars. There is a lot of items in the museum to look at.


Adults $4.00
Students & Seniors $2.00
Children under 12, Veterans, and currently serving members of the RCMP & Military, FREE

hours of operation

10:00am – 3:00pm
Monday – Friday

11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday and by request.

Closed on statuary holidays

100 Cameron Rd.
Nanaimo BC V9R 0C8
Tel: 250 753 3814

At British Columbia’s most significant Military Museum

We invite you to browse through the more than 25 exhibits and displays showcasing Canada’s proud Military History and Traditions.

For more than a quarter-century, the museum has assembled a truly impressive collection of military memorabilia and artifacts from the War of 1812 right through to Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Examine life on the home front and the important work of the Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance, the Salvation Army, RCMP, and the critical role played by the Merchant Navy in wartime.

Follow the evolution of Women in the Armed Forces, from Nursing Sisters during the Boer War to present-day operations in all branches of our Armed Forces.

The museum is located in downtown Nanaimo’s dynamic waterfront; close to the Port Theatre, the Inner Harbour Boat Basin, Cruise Ship Facility, the Nanaimo Conference Centre, Tourism Office, and many Major Hotels.

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