Waterloo Busker Carnival

A yearly event that happens in August and lasts a few days. Really nice to take your family to. Packed on the main section on King in Uptown Waterloo. Multiple performers perform at once on different sections of the street. Some food and goods vendors as well. I volunteered for this twice and had a good time. As well as a visitor, you will have a great time. Near one end there is two carnival rides – one being a ferris wheel.

A lot of people come to the carnival during the four days. Usually there is an event at night as an opener – more for adults though. The carnival during the day, it is more kid focused and having family fun. Great event to bring family or friends coming in out of town.

See website to get dates, more information and even performers coming.



About Canada’s Premier Busker Carnival:

(from website)

The Sun Life Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival is a not-for-profit, volunteer operated busker festival in Waterloo, Ontario where families from Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, and communities in the Region of Waterloo are treated to street performances by buskers from Canada and around the world. Started in 1989, the carnival is now considered to be one of the premier busker carnivals not just in Canada but around the world. Today, nearly 80 thousand people attend the 4-day event held during the 3rd week in August.

Starting in 1989 as a prelude to the Waterloo Chamber of Commerces 100th anniversary in 1990, the carnival continued to flourish and grow each year. The following links will take you back in time from 1989 right up to present day. Its a wonderful journey through the years. You’ll be surprised from time to time when you get treated to some historical tidbits like “What music group performed at the 1990 carnival and went on to be international superstars?”

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