Winter Bucket List Ideas

I created this list to feel better about winter – still not huge on it. Snow sometimes sucks. But this is a list of things you and those around you could do during winter – whether you have snow or not.

Food Related:

Bake homemade bread

Make snow ice cream

Make chicken noddle soup

Have a soup night

Make/drink apple cider

Enjoy hot chocolate – there are a few ones out there, maybe try a new one

Bake cookies

Make a gingerbread house

Make chicken pot pies – small ones make great individual meals instead of making one large one, can freeze for later as well


Donate old towels/blankets to animal shelter

Donate winter wear to a homeless shelter

Donate other items to Value Village or local thrift store

Shovel a neighbour’s driveway

Clean up ice – salt/sand/however you clean up ice

Volunteer at your library

Donate books to your library – if they accept books


Build a snowman and/or snow fort

Have a snowball fight

Go to a hockey game

Go to any events at your local library

Make snow angels

Go skating

Visit a museum

Go ice skating

Go bowling

Do a winter scavenger hunt

Take pictures in the snow

Go sledding

Go to a movie

Go on a winter walk

Collect pine cones

Try a new restaurant

If allowed, make own backyard skating rink – also use for a small hockey game

Visit a craft show

If in Kitchener, Ontario area in December visit the Christkindl market


Host a football party

Play a board game

Play some card games

Have a family movie night

Camp out in the family room

Enjoy a reading day

Curl up by the fire

Read/tell some stories by the fire

Read some winter stories

Have a pajama day

Wear slippers all day

Complete a puzzle

Celebrate the winter solstice/Yule

Comfy sweater/hoodie day

Burn some candles

Do some winter cleaning


Make a snow globe

Make personalized mugs

Make a bird feeder

Shaving cream snow fun

Make paper snowflakes

Paper chains

Create a wreath

Create your own candles

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