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Banyan Books & Sounds
Canada’s Spiritual & Healing Resource since 1970

This is my place/vision of a Pagan/New Age, resource filled place. Now up until now [September 2018] I have not been in many Pagan/New Age/Spiritual shops but this is up there. Half of the store is bookshelves lined with books. If you look at the top of the shelves there are markers of what is at that spot of the shelf. So with a quick glance you can go from one spot to another. The other half of the store – to me – is more of the supplies like tarot, candles, eco-friendly products, yoga and more. If going to Vancouver, make a detour or morning for this store. It is worth spending a good hour or more looking at the books and items in stock. There is a wide range of topics in the books, so you most likely will find something in that section. For items, the same statement goes here as well. There is a chance of something not being there – but it happens.
The store is open pretty much the entire year. It does open later in the morning, for me I have to get used to stores that are like that. Because I like going as early as possible and giving me that time. But it is worth waiting for it to open. For me when I looked at the outside it looked like a small store. When you actually look at the building and go inside, I realized that I was wrong and was so taken aback at the size and how much is in the building.
The staff is really amazing. The store is well organized. There are step stools to get to the higher shelves.

Website and Socials:

Monday to Friday: 10am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm
Statutory Holidays: 12pm to 6pm
Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Special Holiday Hours: [2018]
Good Friday – March 30th, 12-6
Victoria Day – Monday, May 21st, 12-6
Canada Day – Monday, July 2nd, 12-6
BC Day – Monday, August 6th, 12-6
Labour Day – Monday, Sep 3rd, 12-6
Thanksgiving – Monday, Oct 8th, 12-6
Remembrance Day – Sunday, Nov 11th, 12-6
Christmas Eve – Monday, Dec 24th, 10-6
CLOSED – Christmas Day – Tuesday, Dec 25th
Boxing Day – Wednesday, Dec 26th, 12-6
New Year’s Eve – Monday, Dec 31st, 10-6
CLOSED – New Year’s Day – Tuesday, Jan 1st

Contact The Banyen Store:
Books and General Info: 604-732-7912
Music, Event Tickets, Arts, Gifts: 604-737-8858
Toll-free in Canada/USA: 1-800-663-8442
The Store/Customer Service:
Mail & Web Orders Desk:
Fax: 604-737-1636

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6R 1P1

Other Banyen Contacts:
Purchasing (Books, Audio, Video, Oracles): Marina Gingrich (Dept. Head):
Purchasing (Music, Arts, Gifts, Tools, Sidelines): Karen McMahon (Dept. Head):
Receiving & Shipping: Dylan Phillips (Dept. Head): 604-732-3212 x 117 |
Events, Advertising & Promotions: Jacob Steele (Dept. Head): 604-732-4033 |
Accountant & Administrator: Annie Wang: 604-732-4313 x 113 |
Accounts Payable: Jenny Chu: 604-732-4313 x 112 |
Donations: Carly Laughlin:
Owner: Kolin Lymworth: 604-629-2190 |
Website: Alethea Lymworth:

About [from website]
Open since December of 1970, Banyen Books and Sound is now “earthnested” at the corner of 4th & Dunbar in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are Canada’s most comprehensive metaphysical bookstore, offering a broad spectrum of resources from humanity’s spiritual, healing, and earth wisdom traditions.
Banyen is an oasis, a crossroads, a meeting place… for East and West, the “old ways” and current discoveries and syntheses. Our beat is the “Perennial Philosophy” as well as our evolving learning edges and best practices in a wide variety of fields, from acupuncture to Zen, from childbirth and business to the Hermetic Mysteries, from the compost pile to the celestial spheres. We’re “in the philosophy business,” on “a street in the philosophy district” (as an old cartoon wagged). We welcome and celebrate the love of wisdom, be it in art, science, lifecraft, healing, visioning, religion, psychology, eco-design, gardening… Our service is to offer life-giving nourishment for the body (resilient, vital), the mind (trained, open), and the soul (resonant, connected, in-formed). Think of us as your open source bookstore for the “University of Life”.

Using Our Website
On this site–there are thousands of curated Banyen reviews–you can browse to help you research, reflect, and purchase securely online. See Our New Reviews page for the latest!
Browse by Subject by hovering your mouse over the Subject List in the left-hand sidebar. Search for keywords in the Search box on the left, then Filter the results by the options at the top (Product Type, etc.) or the options in the right-hand sidebar (Subject, Author, etc.).

Search our inventory for what you want from our *books, audios, videos, music, calendars, tarot & oracle decks*–and selected items from our extensive array of *candles, chimes & gongs, crystals & prisms, incense, herbs & oils, and meditation & yoga supplies*. Order online if you wish; or give us a call for up-to-the-minute real-person service.

We also host or sponsor many events each year: author readings, live music or storytelling, live teachings by respected teachers in a variety of disciplines, etc.
See the Events page for the current schedule.

As well as new books (about 20,000 titles), we also offer music CDs, spoken word CDs, DVDs, multimedia learning sets, Tarot & oracles, and calendars, which are all listed on this site, as well as selected products from the gift side of the store, like crystals, meditation cushions, yoga supplies, incense, essential oils, etc.
In addition to the above, in our bricks and mortar (and wood and metal and flesh and blood) storefront in the real world, we—there are about 28 of us—also offer for sale a wide array of selected lifestyle tools and visionary arts and gifts, including:
notecards and giftwrap
natural fibre clothing & fabrics
meditation cushions
yoga tools & supplies
altar and ritual statues, tools, talismans
incenses and smudges
candles and holders
writing journals and sketchbooks
chimes, bowls and musical instruments
used books
publishers’ overstock & bargain books
whole food bars & chocolate
and more…
If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website, please feel free to give us a call and our staff will be able to let you know if we do indeed have you’re looking for on our shelves. And if not, whether or not it can be special ordered for you. We are happy to ship you anything you wish to buy.

Thank you for voting with your precious dollars for the values that matter to you, and that make the world better. And thanks for visiting Banyen. : )
“Honey in the heart… thirteen thankyous !”

Vision & Mission
Banyen’s Vision
Banyen Books, as its namesake the Banyan tree, is a living organism. It’s an ongoing act of magic; a covenant with the human community and with the earth communities; an information and education service; an oasis of calm and welcome for seekers and pilgrims; and a business—offering right livelihood and convivial companionship for co-workers and their families; creating a safe place for minds and hearts to open and for insight to deepen; and offering products for sale which encourage the values of non-violence, truthfulness, love for all, meditation and spiritual awakening, earthcare and earth wisdom, and healing, holistic & visionary perspectives in arts, sciences, humanities, literature, medicine, philosophy, ecology, and dishwashing.

Banyen’s Mission
As a bookstore seeking a balance between the “juicy” experiential and the “dry” scholarly, Banyen stocks the best in world spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, healing and inspirational traditions—recognizing that seekers are unique and find their connections through varying metaphors, levels of depth, and practices. And as contemporary metaphors change, we seek to keep connection with the Sources of Life, the Juice, through whatever current forms it’s being expressed, changing or renaming sections as needed—so the public can count on us for:
friendly, un-hyped, knowledgeable service
a listening ear for the nuances of their quest, and our best suggestions for them
a sensibly ordered and organized store with a human touch
excellent up-to-date communications systems (and a decent e-commerce website)
a staff that is ready to give full attention, respect and care to this moment and this individual
a warm, welcoming, well-lit, beautiful oasis-like environment where the public is free to rest, browse, read, listen, meditate, research and buy at their own pace
a prompt and effective mail order service for our products
generous open hours
sensible and workable business policies that make friends wherever feasible
beautiful, inspirational bookmarks
newsletters, catalogs, websites, or other media that provide reviews, commentary, evaluation, aids to selection, and means of community-building

In addition to books and author-related events, we offer CDs, DVDs, meditation and healing aids, musical instruments, altar items such as statues, crystals, incense, candles, etc., notecards, magazines, and other items that convey a sense of Beauty, Spirit, Integrity—be they tools, charts, games, card sets, medicine objects, ceremonial clothing, etc. We have an increasing eye toward local crafters and fair trade practices in our sourcing of products for sale.

Our goal is to nurture the wisdom, compassion and healing potentials of the community, insofar as possible for us, through consistently improving our skills and services, and that the result of this shared accomplishment and commitment shall be a staff that is nurtured, protected, and encouraged to develop their own human capacities to the fullest. Our goal is that Banyen co-workers should be well and fairly paid, have excellent extended health and other benefits, and that they be able to thrive with a four-day workweek.

At Banyen, we “reduce, reuse & recycle” as much as possible, utilizing smart green and social criteria in decisions concerning supplies and consumables, heating, ventilation, materials, water and air quality, etc. It is an ongoing challenge to reduce our energy footprint (an energy audit is a sobering reality check!) and we are making progress where we can.

Since 2003 Banyen has owned its own building (once we pay off the mortgage, that is!) This long-cherished goal was achieved with the heaven-sent and very practical help of many, and particularly with a bequest from Jane Hooper, my co-heart, who passed on in 2001. The present store is about 5,500 square feet, including a staff garden area and porch, and my vision of a staff that loves to work together and whose lives flourish as they co-create the systems, services and celebrations of Banyen has come a long, long way. As of this writing, Banyen’s staff of 27 offers itself as a vehicle of service, with Kindness, Insight, Fairness, and Beauty ever in our intentions. Great gratitude to all who read this. Thank you for helping us keep on keeping on!

A subtext of Banyen’s goals is that Spirit, Human Potentials, and Healing have a non-sectarian, non-religious (in the organizational sense), and no-B.S. safe place to be honoured and celebrated in our society; which by example and activity would empower individuals to live more fully in their own genius or “Original Medicine,” their spiritual and healing resources and capacities; with heart, hands, and mind aligned.

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