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I went to German school from kindergarten – yes kindergarten – to grade twelve. Well, grade eleven because the English stream does not have a grade nine like the German stream. And if going to a school where German is a credit you can earn an extra credit by going to the years where it is applied. I can be very helpful if you want to go to a university in Europe because it offers the tests/levels to show you can speak, understand and manage your way through the language. I did not do this but a few of my classmate did – the test not go over to Germany. You can experience assemblies – Oktoberfest related, a play and a few others at least once a year. There is also a book fair and at times, depending on the year and support possible extracurricular activities. It is really a good experience. There are classes for adults as well not just for the kids. I remember we also watched one or two German films, listened to music along with the teaching plan the teacher has planned out. You do have textbooks and exercise books, and you do get homework.
For me the downside to it I never really continued on with my German. It has become rusty due to lack of communication and study with others. Which kind of side because I plan to do a three month trip in Bavaria at least once in the next two to three years (as of 2018). And a few more after that – but that is already a post I have written. As for the German school, I do think it is worth taking a look and registering. Das is gut. Website and Twitter:
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Welcome to the German Language School Concordia!
At the German School, it is our goal to promote the German language skills of our students and to foster an appreciation of the German language and culture. You can support your child in this process by reading German books together, listening to CDs and watching German movies. You also may speak with your child in German (the German Language School offers adult classes as well).
If you would like to be more involved, you are cordially invited to join the Parent Council of the German Language School. The Parent Council meets once a month on Saturday mornings at 9.15 a.m. (room 5-107). The specific dates are posted on the school calendar. Members of the Parent Council organize fundraisers and hand out pretzels, gingerbread men, and doughnuts. We want students to enjoy coming to the German School. If you have questions, comments or concerns please write to us at:

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