No or Low Spend Weekend – Staying In

Here are some things to do at home that cost little to no money. Some of the things you may already have to do.

  1. Binge-watching TV shows and films
  2. Have a movie/Netflix day
  3. Youtube – watch or create content
  4. Start a blog – create some content (do some more if you already have one)
  5. Board games with partner/family
  6. Play card games
  7. Host a board game night
  8. Plan out your budget for the month
  9. Hang out with friends
  10. Clear out the clutter in your home
  11. Meditate
  12. Workout – no equipment needed!
  13. Yoga
  14. Read a book
  15. Get your Feng Shui on point
  16. Pin on Pinterest
  17. Bake (pie, bread, etc)
  18. Cook – can make your meals or snacks for the week
  19. Declutter your phone (delete unused apps, sort your contacts list out, create folders etc)
  20. Make lists
  21. Play video games
  22. Tie-dye clothes – check out this awesome tutorial that uses food colouring!
  23. Donate unwanted/needed items
  24. Re-organise your garage
  25. Wash your car
  26. Make money at a garage sale
  27. Watch your favourite childhood show
  28. Build a fort
  29. Paint your nails
  30. Have a DIY beauty day
  31. Organize your paperwork
  32. Organize your wardrobe/clothing
  33. Do some gardening
  34. Have a bonfire
  35. Sell used stuff
  36. Decorate
  37. Take a power nap
  38. Repair
  39. Cleaning
  40. Have a Karaoke Night
  41. Become a transcriptionist
  42. Get free coupons – look for coupons in flyers or print them from the internet (check the expiry date)
  43. Sell gift cards
  44. Make a list (things you want to do, favourites list, to watch, etc)
  45. Plan a night out
  46. Podcast – listen or create your own
  47. Dance
  48. Sing
  49. Do a quiz – like on Buzzfeed
  50. Swap clothes with friends
  51. Catch up on laundry
  52. Tie-dye a t-shirt
  53. Become a makeup geek
  54. Invent a new recipe
  55. Revisit your old music collection
  56. Revisit your old movie collection
  57. Watch your home movie collection
  58. Organize your photos
  59. Plan your next vacation
  60. Rearrange your furniture
  61. Look over your finances
  62. Organize a potluck party
  63. Do a neighbourhood clean up
  64. Discuss your future goal(s)
  65. Set some new goals for yourself
  66. Make a ‘101 Goals in 1,001 Days’ list – then start on some of them.
  67. Start a club
  68. Play some online game
  69. Hopscotch
  70. Scan your old pictures
  71. Do some networking
  72. Practice yoga – or try it for the first time
  73. Start a compost bin
  74. Have a yard sale
  75. Deep-clean the room in your house you spend the most time in
  76. Make some homemade greeting cards
  77. Make s’mores and play campfire games.
  78. Make a romantic dinner
  79. Grill something new
  80. Scan your old photographs
  81. Invite your neighbours over
  82. Host a classic movie marathon
  83. Start a journal
  84. Clean out your closet and donate
  85. Start learning a new language
  86. Write out your bucket list and pick one to do
  87. Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle
  88. Do some puzzles (puzzle, Sudoku, crossword)
  89. Take a free online class
  90. Write out your life plan
  91. Host a “Minute to Win It” Party
  92. Write a letter to a family member you haven’t talked to in a while
  93. Clean out your garage (or basement, or closets or spare room)
  94. If you work at home, reorganize your office
  95. Plot a new future direction or two
  96. Complete at least one task that you’ve been avoiding
  97. Hold a ‘cupboard potluck.’
  98. Start Learning a New Skill
  99. Cook a Meal You Never Have Time to Make
  100. Do a Detailed Review of Your Retirement Plan
  101. Figure Out a Way to Lower or Eliminate One Recurring Expense
  102. Plan a Quiet Night-In With Your Significant Other
  103. Participate in a Physical Activity You’ve Never Tried
  104. Call or Visit a Friend or Family Member You Haven’t Seen in a Long Time
  105. Update Your Resume
  106. Read a Good Self-Improvement Book
  107. Get Some Much Needed Rest
  108. Start Tracing Your Family Tree
  109. Start an Exercise Regimen
  110. Write a Letter to Your Future Self
  111. Write Comments on Few Blogs
  112. Master One Simple Car Repair
  113. Work on Your Will
  114. Replace One Bad Habit With a Good Habit
  115. Do One or More Tasks That Will Make the Rest of Your Week Easier
  116. Reconnect With Old Business and Work Acquaintances
  117. Have an ‘entertainment swap’ with a friend. Just have a friend bring over a pile of their own DVDs, CDs, books, and video games that they think you’d like. When they arrive, exchange an item for an item as a temporary swap.
  118. Explore a blog you like.
  119. Take a long, soaking bath.
  120. Take a stab at writing poetry (or other forms of creative writing).
  121. Have a ‘snowball’ fight. Just crumple up a dozen or so sheets of white printer paper into “snowballs,” set up opposing forts in the living room (sofas make great “snowbanks”), and let them fly.
  122. Take paid surveys
  123. Prepare to Have a Garage Sale
  124. Spend One-on-one Time With Your Kids
  125. Take a Luxurious Bath – The Kind Rich People do on TV
  126. Spend Extended Time With Your Pet(s)
  127. Detail Your Car
  128. Build a Fire and Just Relax in Front of it
  129. Clear out your media collection of books, DVDs, and Cds.
  130. Do a household maintenance walk-through.
  131. Start or join a fantasy sports league.
  132. Discover new music that you like.
  133. Build a cardboard castle.
  134. Dig an old video game console out of the closet and play some of your favorites.
  135. Create an Airbnb listing for an extra room in your house
  136. Clean your car
  137. Plan some DIY projects for the upcoming season
  138. Find a new hobby
  139. Do a good deed for someone else (that doesn’t cost money)
  140. Help your kids (or other kids) with homework
  141. Redesign a room in your house with what you have on hand
  142. Look for free stuff on Craigslist
  143. Discover a new side hustle to make extra money
  144. Check out the community calendar.
  145. Teach yourself how to juggle.
  146. Learn how to change your car’s oil.
  147. Teach yourself how to knit.
  148. Learn the basics of a new subject.
  149. Build a basic net-worth calculator for yourself.
  150. Have a quilting bee.
  151. Get your financial papers in order.
  152. Turn on the water sprinkler.
  153. Start a workout routine.
  154. Write a letter to your future children or grandchildren.
  155. Make Christmas gifts in advance.

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