Zero Waste Blogs

Here is a list of some zero waste / low waste blogs to check out.

Amanda in Waste-free Land

Be Zero

Eco Boost | Zero Waste

Eco Love

Eco Thrifty Living – Change your life by saving money and the environment!



GAIA | Zero Waste World

Gippsland Unwrapped – Zero waste, plastic free and no palm oil

Going Zero Waste


Het Zero Waste Project

Just Live Zero Waste

Kind Planet | Circular Lifestyle

Lauraki | Mother Zero Waste

Less waste | My way to less packaging waste

Life Lived Simply | Zero Waste Enthusiast


My Plastic Free Life Blog – Living Life with Less Plastic since 2007


No Trace

PAREdown | Live More Use Less

Reddit | Zero Waste

Simply Zero

Skip The Bag

Spot of Earth

The Rogue Ginger | Going zero waste and living plastic free Australia

The ReFab Diaries

The Zero Journey

The Zero-Waste Chef

the Zero Waste Girl

The Zero Waste Memoirs

Treading My Own Path | Zero Waste, Plastic-Free Living

Tiny yellow bungalow

Trash is for Tossers – Say no to trash

Wasteland Rebel

Wild Minimalist | Zero Waste

Zero Waste Adelaide

Zero Waste in ACTION

Zero Waste Baton Rouge zerowastebatonrouge.blogspot

Zero Waste Bloggers Network

Zero Waste Canada

Zero Market

Zero Waste Europe – Empowering Our Communities To Redesign

Zero Waste Guy

Zero Waste Home


Zero Waste München

Zero Waste Nerd

Zero Waste Path  HYPERLINK “”

Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Wisdom

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